Report templates

Reports are a key module of any business software. A large amount of data, a huge number of developers codelines are created so that a manager or a supervisor can get key figures on transportation operations in 2 mouse clicks. Business management using numbers is a key trend in the new era of business – total digitalization.

What report templates are currently present?


Creating your own report templates.

Zavgar Online system allows you to create your own report templates. To do this, go to any of the report templates and select the required parameters in your template, then click on “Template” button


Next, specify the name of the future template and the period for which you need a report to be generated when choosing this template. 


Automatic generation and mailing of a report to supervisors.

Ready-made reports can be mailed automatically according to a predetermined script. For example, a monthly report to the CEO on operating costs or a report on fuel costs to the depot manager.

To mail an automatic report you need:

Create a report template with parameters required for mailing;


In the list of reports, select this template and click on “Settings” button;


Activate template mailing, frequency of mailing, time of mailing and the format of the report. Save the data.


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Updated 28.12.2020

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