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Ordering spare parts.

“Spare parts order” module was created for a detailed analysis of the entire supply chain, from the moment the part was requested, to the moment of installation of the ordered spare part on the vehicle. Access to information depends on the rights assigned by the administrator. The vision of “Zavgar Online” product – the process of ordering spare parts is carried out in 4 steps: 

  1. Purchase requisition creation – “open” status. It is created when you add a new order. The final task is confirmation by supervisor of the necessity to order this spare part by clicking “Confirm” button 


2. The actual payment for approved orders (for convenience, when creating an application, the person with the maximum rights can immediately approve the application) – “approved” status. To confirm the fact of payment, go to the order card and click on the “Purchased” button


3. Confirmation of items receipt at the warehouse – status “received”. To confirm, go to the “Received” section, go to the spare parts order card, click on the “Send to warehouse” button, the goods receipt window will open. Enter the actual amount received, then click “Save”.


4. In the same order card, you can close an order by clicking on the “Close order” button. After clicking these orders will go to the “Closed” stage.


By clicking on the status (open, approved, received, closed) you go to the list of spare parts in this status.

Business process when using “Order spare parts” module

For effective work of this module, you need to describe your current business process and determine:

  1. Which user should create purchase requisitions?
  2. Which user has the right to approve such requisitions?
  3. How will the accounting and finance unit receive information about the need for payment? 
  4. Which user must confirm the arrival of items at the warehouse?

After that, those responsible for each block regularly review the corresponding units, make decisions, and receive notifications.

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Updated 17.01.2021

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