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Adding vehicle notifications.


Go to “Vehicle notifications” section → click on “Add” button

Attention!!! For further convenient and efficient work, before using Zavgar Online, enter all types of transport notifications (regularly updated documents, insurances, permits, access clearances, etc.). All standard notifications (compulsory insurance, tachograph calibration, transportation tax payments, lease and credit payments, etc.) are already in the system.


To add additional types of notifications or edit basic ones, go to “Settings” section  → “Types of vehicle notifications” → “Add a new type” 


Please do not duplicate notifications, when you start entering text, “Zavgar Online” system will notify you if the task is duplicating.

It is also possible to quickly add types of vehicle reminders when creating a vehicle reminder.


Just add notification name and click Save. 


To add vehicle reminder:

Select a vehicle → Select a reminder type → Specify a deadline for the task → Specify in how many days, weeks, months, years it is necessary to notify the person in charge of the end of this reminder → Specify the responsible persons who will supervise this task → Save the reminder


To delete or edit vehicle reminders, you need the appropriate access rights.

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Updated 17.01.2021

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