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Vehicle reminder list.

A vehicle is an asset. The maintenance of assets always carries certain costs, incl. financial. This is the payment of insurances, permits, admissions, etc. Those. Costs and actions occur at regular intervals, and in case of non-renewal, the company incurs large losses. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not always customer-oriented and remind the responsible person in advance that an extension is necessary, they most often cannot or forget. Mechanics shift the responsibility to the drivers, but they often fail. The Zavgar Online system will not forget anything, it will remind you in advance and save scans of all documents in the system.

In the main menu, go to “Reminders” section → “Transport notifications”. A list of created transport notifications will open. 


The list of notifications by default can be filtered by:

  1. Vehicle name;
  2. Notification status (due, overdue);
  3. Date.

If you wish, you can use more complex filtering by clicking on “More” button, an additional menu will be displayed on the right side of the screen.


What data is displayed in the list of vehicle notifications?

  1. Vehicle name.
  2. Vehicle notification type (if notification is past due, “overdue” is displayed).
  3. End date of interval.
  4. Actions. The main function is the prolongation (extension) of the vehicle reminder interval. Reminders also can be edited, completed and deleted here.


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Updated 17.01.2021

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