Spare part card.

Each item in the warehouse has its own card in the system. Spare parts, maintenance items, technical fluids, etc. are all listed in the system as “spare parts”. The spare part card contains all the information about the item: article number, manufacturer, its status, etc. To go to the card, click on the “eye” icon:


The following information is displayed in the spare part card:

  1. General information about spare part;
  2. Warehouse balance;
  3. Information about spare part status (received, moved, used);
  4. Pictures and other files about the spare part;
  5. The whole backstory for the spare part, after it was added into the system.


6-7. Here you can update warehouse records, in case of ordering a new spare part, or move the goods from one warehouse to another.

8. Spare part edit button, all changes are displayed in history

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Updated 17.01.2021

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