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Setting vehicle notification types.

A vehicle is an asset. The maintenance of assets always carries certain costs, including financial costs. This includes payment for insurances, permits, clearances, etc. That is, costs and actions occur at regular intervals, and in case of non-renewal, the company suffers big losses. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not always customer-focused and they can’t or forget to remind the supervisor in advance that a renewal is necessary. Mechanics shift the responsibility to the drivers, but often, the drivers let the company down. “Zavgar Online” system will not forget anything, it will remind you in advance and save scans of all documents in the system. 

Each company is different, so it is very difficult to create default notification types for everyone. Therefore, when starting the work with the system and during its use, we recommend entering the types of vehicle notifications. For example, it can be:


To create or edit the types of transportation notifications, go to the “Settings” section → “Types of vehicle reminders” → Then click either “Add type” or “Edit” (“Pencil” icon) 


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Updated 28.12.2020

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