Road waybills.

The road waybill is the main accounting document for corporate vehicles. And it doesn’t matter whether it is the company car or a rented one, a road waybill is necessary when any vehicle is used for work purposes. Strict requirements for filling out this primary document are established only for vehicle companies, however, for all the other companies it is still a strict accounting document. 

To see the list of road waybills in the main menu go to “Trips” section → “Road waybills”

What data is displayed in the list?


  1. Series/number of road waybill;
  2. Vehicle name;
  3. Road waybill form;
  4. Driver full name;
  5. Road waybill period of validity;
  6. Road waybill status (if it is returned or not).

Road waybill filtering.

Road waybill list can be filtered by 


2.Vehicle name

3. Driver full name


To create a new road waybill (or several road waybills at once) in the main menu, go to the “Trips” section → “Directions” and click “Add” button


Forms of road waybills are unified and divided into several different types of forms depending on the type of vehicle (Orders of the Ministry of Transportation of the Russian Federation #152 issued on 18 Sep 2008, #17 issued on 18 Jan 2017, #467 issued on 21 Dec 2018). They differ in content and filling requirements, therefore, before creating a new road waybill, be sure to select the appropriate type.* 

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Updated 28.12.2020

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