List of users.

User is a unit, representing an employee of the company – the user of the company. Depending on the access rights, the user can have a possibility to see, enter, edit or remove data. 

Enter all the business process representatives into the system:

  • drivers;
  • senior managers;
  • owners of the business;
  • financial-accounting department employees;
  • depot supervisor, responsible for vehicle operation;
  • other employees, for which information from the system will be useful.

Access rights to data can be configured with maximum flexibility.

To display the list of all users in “Zavgar online”, go to “Team” section → “Users”.

What data is displayed in a list of users?

  1. User full name and photo;
  2. Role in the system;
  3. Link to a user card


List of users can be filtered by:

  1. User name, contact details (phone number, email);
  2. Group, to which the user belongs;
  3. Status (active, blocked).


From this list it is also possible to create a new system user.


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Updated 28.12.2020

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