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List of service records.

Service records are a simple version of keeping track of the costs of maintenance, spare parts and repairs. Post-work accounting. Quick addition of information, without the possibility of monitoring the status of implementation, adding spare parts.

Service records are the key entity of the vehicle electronic service book. It is also created when creating a purchase order.

In the main menu, go to the “Service” → “Service records” section. A list of all service reminders for your fleet opens.

What data is displayed in the list of service records?

  1. Vehicle name.
  2. Dates of creation, start and end of work.
  3. Description of the service record.
  4. The amount spent on solving it.
  5. If a work order was created for the solution, a link to it is displayed. If a service record is enough for a solution, then a link to its card is displayed, with the ability to edit.


The administrator sees all service records, other users only those in which they are responsible.

The list of service records can be filtered by:

  1. Vehicle name;
  2. Name of a service task (for example, oil change, chassis diagnostics or windshield repair);
  3. Date of service record creation.

If you wish, you can use more complex filtering by clicking on “More” button, an additional menu will be displayed in the righ

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Updated 17.01.2021

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