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List of distributors.

Suppliers are an integral part of any business. The ability to properly interact with them leads to great results. Gone are the days when price was actually the only criterion for choosing. High competition and a big number of offers  leads the smart consumer to the sacred formula “ideal value for money”. If you were lucky and the search for such formula was successful, it is important to understand how much you spend on this or that expense line, what was the price of the spare part installed on “X” vehicle. That is, it is important to understand the full supply chain from ordering to installation + everyone understands that any product has its working life and it would be good to remember about that before it ends. All these tasks are solved by “Zavgar Online” system, and the “Suppliers” module is for the initial stage – interaction with partners.

To display a full list of suppliers, go to “Suppliers” section. What data is displayed in this list? 

  1. Supplier name;
  2. Supplier contact phone number;
  3. Web site (if present);
  4. Supplier organisation contact person;
  5. Email for communication;
  6. “Action” button, with the ability to move to supplier card, edit or archive it; 
  7. Add a supplier button.


The list can be sorted by:

  1. All suppliers;
  2. Only fuel suppliers (refuellings tab);
  3. Only spare parts suppliers (technical fluids, spare parts, maintenance items and materials);
  4. Only maintenance service and repair suppliers;
  5. Archived suppliers.


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Updated 28.12.2020

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