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How to add a problem to Zavgar Online?

A problem can be added in two ways:

1. By a driver through the mobile app.



To add a problem, go to vehicle card, in the right lower corner press the big green “+” sign (“add”)


After that, a “What should we add?” list will appear.

Choose the “Problem” item, by doing this we open the card for adding a problem. It consists of the following items:

  • Vehicle. Vehicle license plate number or the name of the vehicle, indicated in the program as “Object name” will automatically pop up here.
  • Name of the problem. Here we briefly describe the details of the problem. For example, “Left blinker doesn’t work”.
  • Description of a problem. This field is created for a more detailed description of a problem encountered and the driver’s suggestions for a solution. For example, “I suggest going to X service station in an hour, please, register me for diagnostics”.
  • The possibility to ignore odometer readings. This switch is created for situations, associated with any external circumstances (odometer readings are not displayed on the vehicle display, the readings entered by the manager are not correct, compared to the real readings, etc.). In the future, the administrator can edit the field. 
  • Choose a responsible person. Here the user determines who will solve the problem. The task will be assigned to the person marked responsible for it, from which he will have to create a “Service record” or “Work order” (or both at once)
  • Completion deadline. Time limit for solving this problem (must be solved no later than the following date and time …). This field is optional.
  • Last meter (odometer) reading. The deadline for solving this problem in kilometers (must be solved no later than the following odometer reading …). This field is optional. 
  • Add photos. It is better to confirm each problem with a photo.


After completing the card, click “Add a problem” and it will be saved and moved to the person responsible.

2. Through web-version.


Go to “Problems” tab → “List of problems” → “Add”


  1. Choose a vehicle from the list.
  2. Type in brief description of the problem. For example, “Low antifreeze level”.
  3. Put in the last meter (odometer) reading, it must not be less than the last value, you entered previously.
  4. Specify the deadline for resolving the problem or the odometer reading by which the problem should be fully resolved (if the vehicle has 2 sources of measurement (for example, engine hours and odometer), you can specify 2 last readings, that are measured in different units). This field is optional.
  5. Define the label (tag) for the problem (created for easy filtering and reporting for typical situations). Optional field.
  6. Assign the person responsible for solving the problem. It is the responsible person, to whom this task will be assigned to. From this task responsible person will have to create a “Service record” or “Work order” (or both at once) 
  7. Describe the problem in more detail and the proposed algorithm for solving it.
  8. Add a photo to confirm the problem.
  9. Click “Add” button in the upper right corner to save the problem.



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Updated 15.01.2021

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