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Creating and printing road waybills.

There are two ways of creating road waybills in the system: creating a single road waybill and creating multiple road waybill.

Adding a single road waybill.

Go to “Trips” section → “Road waybill” → “Add”


Enter data in the road waybill card. When choosing a vehicle, the system will notify you of the possibility to pull up selected vehicle information from the previously created road waybill.

After entering data in the road waybill, click “Add” button in the upper right corner. 

Creating multiple road waybills.

Go to “Trips” section → “Road waybills” → “Add multiple”


When creating multiple road waybills, information will be pulled up from previously created road waybill. 


To the left of the print list, an icon is displayed showing whether the waybill is completed correctly or needs revision. Some of the fields are required, some are recommended. If all required and recommended fields are filled in, a “green check mark” is displayed. 

Printing multiple road waybills.

To print multiple road waybills:

  1. Press “Save and print” button.
  2. Select the way you want to print road waybill. 


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Updated 28.12.2020

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