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Adding the service reminder.

Go to the “Service Reminders” section → click the “Add” button


Attention! For more convenient and efficient work, enter all service tasks (periodic maintenance and repairs). This can be done in two ways:

  1. Quick creation of a service reminder on the add card. In front of the field to select a service task is the + sign, click on it. We go to the card to add a service task. We enter the name, description, we can immediately create, for example, maintenance-1 and combine sub-tasks in it (oil change, filters, etc.). We save.
  2. Creation of a service task manual. Go to the section “Service” → “Service Tasks”. СКРИНШОТ Please do not duplicate tasks, when you start entering text, the Zavgar Online system will warn you if the task is duplicated. СКРИНШОТ

Let’s continue with the service reminders, that is, adding them.

Select the vehicle → select the service task → specify the mileage and time interval (on the right side the system will automatically set a schedule for this task). If the service task is entered after the job is done, change the “Enter readings, when this job was last performed” tab to the “Activate” status and indicate the odometer reading and the date of job completion . → Indicate for how many kilometers of mileage or calendar days it is necessary to warn you about the completion of work → indicate if it is necessary to send a notification by mail (do not forget to indicate the responsible person when changing to the Activate status) → enter a comment if necessary → in In the upper right corner click the “Add” button. If you need an email notification, please activate the checkbox and tag the users who should receive the email notification.


To delete or edit the service reminders, the corresponding access rights are required.

To automatically update a service reminder at the end of work, when creating a service record, select the service task associated with this service reminder.

For example, the system has created a service reminder “Replacing the aroma diffuser” with a frequency of every 3000 km. or every 2 months.


The system warns the manager about the rapid need for replacement and he creates a service record (a purchase order can also be created, with the possibility of canceling the spare parts). In the field “Service task”, we select “Replacement of the aroma diffuser” and indicate the cost of works, in this case it was 200 rubles.


We added a service record and the service reminder “Change scent diffuser” is automatically updated.

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Updated 17.01.2021

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