Still, maybe what Moretti and the Stanford lab are after is a

L. C. n95 face mask, Chenery, S., Lang, C., Thornton Barnett, S. R., Kabora, T., Hodson disposable face masks face mask, M. It was either one or the other in terms of a response.»Their strategy was to approach the casting conversations «through their costuming,» she explained. «We had a lot of the costume sketches and we would send those when we asked people to be part of the show, just so they could see the level of design that was really going to go into them.»Another selling point for many of the participants was the potential to really shock viewers who may have a pre conceived notion about them that would disappear when their identity was masked. «There’s something freeing about that.

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In its place the Stanford lab uses «computational criticism,» in all its forms, to study literature, looking for meanings by aggregating and analyzing massive amounts of data. I’m hardly in a position to question the method but the thought that literary criticism is best carried out by not reading texts is, not to put too fine a point on it n95 face mask, depressing. Still, maybe what Moretti and the Stanford lab are after is a technology of criticism and so its disassociation from reading is at least understandable.

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