The Zavgar Online system is aimed at automating all the processes associated with the operation of the vehicle fleet. In the course of work, the company’s employees make mistakes in the future, which can lead to serious troubles. Such errors require the intervention of higher management. To display violations in the system, a corresponding module has been created, information with which also works on the main page (dashboard).

To display all violations committed by users in Zavgar Online, go to “Problems” section → “Violations”.


What data is displayed in the list of violations?

  1. The name of the vehicle on which the violation was committed 
  2. The nature of the violation;
  3. Person responsible;
  4. The date when the violation was created.

Filtering violations.

The list of violations can be filtered by:

  1. Type of violation;
  2. Vehicle;
  3. Date range of violations.

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Updated 17.01.2021

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