Vehicle list.

This module allows you to get the full picture of the current state of the vehicle fleet. That is:

  • the entire list of vehicles;
  • their status (Active, Deactivated (sold), under repair, leased, etc. Statuses can be created or edited by going to “Settings” → “Vehicle statuses” → “Add a status”);
  • vehicle type: Car, Truck, Bus, Minibus, Special machines, etc. Vehicle types can be created or edited by going to “Settings” → “Vehicle types” → “Add a type”;
  • vehicle groups. You can group objects. For example, according to the geographic principle or the nature of the work, etc. Vehicle groups can be created or edited by going to “Settings” → “Groups” → “Add group”;
  • current odometer (meter) readings;
  • who is currently driving the vehicle.


By default, data can be filtered by vehicle name, statuses (for example, display only those that are being repaired or, on the contrary, are active). By clicking on the “More” button, you can expand the possible options to filter data.


You can also easily add new vehicle from this list:


Start to manage your vehicle fleet now

Updated 29.12.2020

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