Vehicle card.

Vehicle is the most important asset of the Zavgar Online software package. The entire history of operation must be saved and for this an electronic service book has been created in the system. To see it, click on the “eye” icon:


The following information is displayed in the vehicle card:

  1. Vehicle make/model;
  2. Vehicle license plate number;
  3. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN);
  4. Vehicle manufacture year;
  5. Vehicle status (in operation, under repair, long term storage, etc.);
  6. The group to which this vehicle belongs;
  7. Vehicle type, according to internal classification;
  8. The driver assigned to this vehicle;
  9. All odometer readings for the vehicle;
  10. List of all reminders (service and vehicle);
  11. History of all refuelings;
  12. Extra expenses list;
  13. History of all problems that arose during the operation of this vehicle;
  14. All service records for this vehicle;
  15. List of workshop orders for this vehicle;
  16. List of spare parts, technical fluids and materials used for repair and maintenance of this vehicle;
  17. All the pictures and other files for this vehicle;
  18. Vehicle specifications (overall dimensions, weight, performance);
  19. Identification of fuel consumption abnormalities. Based on refueling data, added in the system and the distance traveled by the vehicle;
  20. Current location (this option works only if GLONASS/GPS monitoring system is connected);
  21. Assignments to vehicles. Who and when operated this vehicle;
  22. Vehicle supervisors. List of users, who receive notifications about the operation of this vehicle;
  23. All traffic fines received for this vehicle;
  24. User comments about this vehicle;
  25. Full history of all changes for this vehicle. In chronological order.
  26. Graph showing cost per 1 km of route for this vehicle.
  27. Quick add button: problem, service record, refueling or meter (odometer) reading;
  28. Button for quick add of supervisor for this vehicle. The supervisor is notified of all key changes;
  29. Edit mode switch button.


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Updated 29.12.2020

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