Service tasks.

Service tasks in “Zavgar Online” product philosophy are operations aimed at maintaining normal operation or eliminating a malfunction of the monitored item. 

Objectives for performing service tasks: 

  1. Prevention of serious malfunctions.
  2. Components replacement when the working time limit is reached (in km. or time).
  3. Timely replacement of all technical fluids (lubricants, oils and other technical fluids). 
  4. Performing repairs in case of pre-failure and failure condition of the object.
  5. Repairing an object after a car accident or other emergency situation.

Types of service tasks.

All services related to maintaining work order or malfunction repair are considered service tasks.

In simple terms, service tasks are:

  1. All types of service maintenance.
  2. All kinds of repairs.

To display the list of service tasks:

In the main menu, go to the “Service” section → “Service tasks”. A list of all service tasks for your fleet will open. For convenience, a quick search for service tasks has been implemented. 


Service tasks can be active and archived. In case of non-use or error when creating a service task, go to the list of service tasks → “Actions” → “Archive” 


It is also possible to quickly create a new service task from this list:


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Updated 17.01.2021

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