Service reminders

Service reminders primarily cover periodic maintenance of equipment (periodic maintenance, replacement of consumables, etc.), we also recommend creating service reminders for all vehicle units, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended replacement intervals for these units. These simple steps are guaranteed to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of the equipment, as well as virtually eliminate equipment downtime due to force majeure repairs. Planning and ordering is the best way to effectively manage your fleet.

In main menu go to “Notifications” section → “Service notifications”


A list of all service notifications for your fleet will open.


The list of notifications by default is filtered by:

  1. Vehicle name;
  2. By notification status (on, due, overdue)

If you wish, you can use more complex filtering by clicking on the “More” button, an additional menu will be displayed on the right side of the screen.


What data is displayed in the list of service reminders?

  1. Actually, the service notifications themselves in order, starting with the last created. Name, interval, mileage or time of warning about due service maintenance.
  2. Vehicle name. Below you can see information about either how many days are left until the date, or for how long the notification is overdue.
  3. Notification status. There are three types of statuses in the system: on, due (activated when “warn before” script is engaged) and overdue.
  4. Who should be notified? The person responsible for this task is indicated here. By default, all users with the appropriate rights are notified.  


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Updated 17.01.2021

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