Refueling card

Each gas station has its own card. It contains all the information on it. To go to the card, click on the “eye” icon opposite the filling line:


  1. Vehicle brand / model;
  2. Y / N TS;
  3. VIN number of the vehicle;
  4. Vehicle year of manufacture;
  5. Vehicle status (in operation, under repair, conservation, etc.);
  6. Refueling data (supplier, volume, type of fuel, unit price, date and time, odometer reading at the time of refueling);
  7. If the refueling was on a fuel card, then this block will display information on the transaction and the card number;
  8. Supplier data (name, gas station address, etc.)
  9. Photo or other forms of documents confirming the fact of refueling;
  10. Comments (can be left by all system participants with rights to this vehicle);
  11. Full history of all changes, with reference to a specific person who made the change;
  12. Data edit button.


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Updated 15.01.2021

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