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Main page (Dashboard)

A business can only be effectively managed through numbers. The transportation department is no exception, so the main page is designed as a dashboard, which displays the key indicators of “Zavgar Online” system.


What blocks with key service numbers are present on the main page, designed in the form of a dashboard?

Main values:

  1. Number of vehicles, sorted by statuses;
  2. Problems. Only re-opened and overdue problems are displayed;
  3. Russian traffic police (GIBDD) fines. Only fines not marked as paid are displayed;
  4. Transactions. Payments from fuel cards, which were not uploaded to the system automatically;
  5. 6. 7. All system notifications are displayed in “Due to” (should be performed in the near future) and “Overdue” (violation of defined intervals) format;

8. Accrued violations, committed during work with the system;

9. “Total cost of operation” value in semi-annual dynamics. The sum of all costs for the vehicle fleet; 

10. “Cost of 1 km. of route” in semi-annual dynamics. Key performance indicator of the transportation department.

Detailed reports by items of expenditure in half-year dynamics:

11) Fuel expenses;

12) Service expenses;

13) Additional expenses;


Pie charts in the context of the vehicle fleet with numerical values:

14) number of vehicles, sorted by statuses (active, on repair, long-term storage, etc.);

15) number of vehicles, sorted by type of vehicle (light vehicles, trucks, special machinery, etc.)

16) number of vehicles, sorted by inner company classification

Start to manage your vehicle fleet now

Updated 28.12.2020

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