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List of reminders by contacts.

Drivers are often not very obligatory and this leads to fines, equipment downtime and other troubles. The driver’s license must be renewed, as well as the admissions of drivers to objects. The Zavgar Online system will remind not only the driver himself, but also his management and interested parties. Also, the system can remind about the employee’s birthday, congratulate him it will be nice 🙂

In the main menu, go to the section “Reminders” → “Reminders for contacts”. A list of created contact reminders opens:


The list of reminders can be filtered by:

  1. Vehicle name;
  2. Reminder status (soon, expired);
  3. Date.

If desired, you can use more complex filtering by clicking on the “More” button, an additional menu will be displayed on the right side of the screen.


What information is displayed in the contact reminder list?

  1. Last name, first name of the contact for which the reminder was generated.
  2. The name of the reminder.
  3. Contact reminder deadline.
  4. Actions. The main functionality is the prolongation (extension) of the reminder interval for a contact. Also here reminders are edited, completed and deleted.
    It is also possible to quickly create a new reminder for a contact from this list:

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Updated 17.01.2021

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