List of places.

“Zavgar Online” system is also a system for remote control of the transportation department operations. Of course, trust is very important, but there are always people who try to deceive the system. Modern tools and technologies make it possible to detect such things. One of the automatic data validation tools is the place module. The functionality of this module is constantly being updated; today it is used to control pre-trip vehicle inspections.

List of places

Go to “Places” section. What data is displayed in the list?

  1. Name of the place (geozone). For example, warehouse, office or parking lot;
  2. Full address. The address base is the OSM;
  3. Button to go to the place card, the possibility to edit it;
  4. Filter allowing quick search by name;
  5. A button for quick geozone (place) creation.


Applying places when creating the inspection form

Attention!!! The “Place of performing inspection” functionality is activated only after the preliminary creation of a place of performing inspection in the corresponding module.

When forming the inspection form (inspection module) in the “General” section, select the place of performing inspection previously created in the “”Place of performing inspection” section. After entering all the data and the schedule, save the data. If the inspection is performed outside the place specified when creating the form, the system will notify the supervisor of the violation. 


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Updated 28.12.2020

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