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List of performed inspections.

Pre-trip technical inspections are mandatory procedures before going on a route. A timely detected malfunction is the key to successfully reaching point B of the route without force majeure. Many neglect these requirements, performing inspections formally, treating them as an unnecessary requirement of the government. And laws, as they say, are written in blood. Soon, technical inspections on paper will disappear into oblivion and the era of electronic forms begins. “Zavgar Online” system was the first to implement this functionality. 

To display all the inspections carried out by users in Zavgar Online, go to the “Inspections” section → “History of inspections”.

How the data is displayed in the list of inspections?

  1. Name of the vehicle, for which the inspection was performed.
  2. User, who performed vehicle inspection.
  3. Date and time of inspection.
  4. Name of inspection form.
  5. Tasks skipped during inspection.
  6. Problems detected during inspection.
  7. How long did it take to perform an inspection and coordinates, where inspection was performed.
  8. “Go to inspection card” button.


A list of inspections can be filtered by:

  1. Result of report (all reports, only reports with problems detected);
  2. Dates when inspections were performed;
  3. Type of inspection (daily, monthly,etc.)

If you wish you can use more complex filtering by clicking on “More” button, an additional menu will appear in the right part of the screen.


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Updated 28.12.2020

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