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Inventory reconciliation.

Spare parts are an asset of any business. An asset that, if mismanaged, can bankrupt even a stable company. Accounting of spare parts when writing off for repair or maintenance is a very important process, but accounting of spare parts in warehouses is equally important. Inventory reconciliation is a special tool, used specially for managing accounting all over the world, regular inventory reconciliations will let you know how much, where and what you have in stock, and if you don’t have any component or spare part in stock, it will allow you to conduct a blamestorming and exclude such situations in the future.

Go to “Warehouse” module → “Inventory reconciliation”


A list of all inventory reconciliations is displayed, with the ability to filter by:

  • dates of conducting;
  • warehouse name;
  • the user, who performed inventory reconciliation;
  • spare parts, which were inventoried.

Any inventory reconciliation has a card that displays all the information about it.


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Updated 17.01.2021

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