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Integration with fuel card services.

The use of fuel cards — is a great tool for interaction with gas station chains. It has many benefits:

  • additional discounts for volume;
  • no need to use cash;
  • VAT refund;
  • additional control.  

Integration of “Zavgar Online” system with fuel card services allows you to automate the process of collecting data into a single system, eliminate the human factor when entering refuelings data, and also get an excellent tool to fight fuel theft. 

Currently integration with the following fuel card distributors has been implemented: PPR (“Vezdehod” cards, etc.), Likard (Lukoil cards), Avtokad-Yug, Gazprom CNG filling stations, Pit stop.


For integration, we recommend contacting our company technical support. In case your distributor is not in the list, please contact technical support, we will try to add it (it’s free of charge).

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Updated 28.12.2020

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