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How to keep inventory records in “Zavgar Online” system?

This section is for companies that own warehouse stocks of spare parts, fluids and maintenance items and that keep inventory records.

Attention!!! Spare parts are written off directly during the repair or maintenance in “Work orders” module.

Go to “Warehouse” section → “Spare parts”

What data is displayed in this list?

  1. Spare part, technical fluid or material name;
  2. Category, to which this item belongs;
  3. Item manufacturer and spare part number;
  4. Price for 1 unit (piece, litre, metre, etc.);
  5. The number of items on the balance (the name of the warehouse is displayed on mouse hover);
  6. Link to item card in the warehouse;
  7. The ability to quickly add an item to the warehouse.


You can filter spare parts according to:

  • Spare part name;
  • Spare parts categories (they are user created in the “Settings” → “Categories” sections, for example, breakdown by vehicle components);
  • Spare parts manufacturers (they are user created in “Settings” → “Manufacturers”)
  • Name of the warehouse.


How to add a new spare part to the warehouse?

There are two ways of adding new items to the warehouse:

  1. When creating a work order, in the “Spare parts” section


2. In “Warehouse” module


When using the first way, the spare part that was added is immediately written off to the work order in which it was created. The second way is more fundamental and correct, let’s take a closer look.

Let’s open “Add a spare part” card:


  1. Type in spare part name. Name it the way it will be convenient for you to find it in the list;
  2. Specify the manufacturer of the spare part or other item used during repair or maintenance (to add spare parts manufacturers, go to: “Settings”→ “Manufacturer” → “Add a manufacturer” or use quick add function by clicking the “+” sign next to it);
  3. Type in manufacturer’s part number;
  4. Specify the Category. Categorization is created for convenient grouping and reporting. For example, by type of vehicle, type of vehicle spare part or component. The main categories have already been added, (if you don’t see the category you need, add a new spare part category or use the quick add function by clicking the “+” sign next to it);
  5. Record the current item price. In the future, it can be changed when writing off for a specific work order or when purchasing spare parts);
  6. Specify the unit of measurement for the item. For example, pcs. , ml., gr. etc. Please note that for correct accounting convert kilograms to grams, liters to milliliters;
  7. Enter the internal part number (for example, the inventory part number used in the company). This field is optional and can be skipped;
  8. Indicate estimated spare part running life. It is a failure-free service life, defined by manufacturer or company guidelines;
  9. Upload all the documents and other files for the spare part, which are important for you to keep (documents, certificates, permits, etc)

Spare parts write-off for specific repairs or maintenance is carried out through “Orders” tab in “Service” module. 

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Updated 17.01.2021

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