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Extra expenses list.

During operation arise costs, that cannot be attributed to any category, but they must be taken into account. For example, accommodations, meals for the driver, purchase of some little things for cash. By the way, yes, these costs are mostly paid with cash and in the absence of accounting, they can cause discrepancies in finances consolidation. To account such costs, “Extra expenses” module was created. All costs included in this section will be added to the cost of operation and the cost per 1 km of route.

In the main menu, go to the “Vehicle fleet” section → “Extra expenses”. There you will see the list of all additional costs for your vehicle fleet.

What data is displayed in the list of service records?

  1. Vehicle name.
  2. The product or service for which this expense was made.
  3. Type (category) of additional expense, to which the product or service belongs to.
  4. The price of a product or service. 
  5. Which user added this extra expense.
  6. A button with a link to extra expenses card.


LIst of extra expenses can be filtered by:

  1. The dates when extra expenses were added;
  2. Vehicle name;
  3. Type of extra expense;
  4. User, who added extra expense.


It is also possible to easily add extra expense into the system from this list:


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Updated 29.12.2020

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