Contact list.

A contact is actually a “phone book” of all people associated with the activities of the transportation department. These can be both company employees and suppliers or partners.

What is the difference between a contact or a user? 

The contact cannot log in into the system, and the user not only logs into the system, but also actively uses it.

When a user is created, the contact is created automatically.

What data is displayed in the contact list? 

  1. User full name and photo;
  2. A link to a user card


Contact list can be filtered by:

  1. User name, its contact details (phone number, email);
  2. Group, to which this user belongs;
  3. Type of contact (supplier, driver, accountant, etc.);
  4. Status (active, blocked).


From this list it is possible to create a new contact.


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Updated 28.12.2020

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