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Configuring work order statuses.

For the work orders module to work correctly, you need to analyze the company’s business process and divide the repair or maintenance process into stages. For example, after receiving a problem in the system and creating a work order, the person, responsible for this task, orders spare parts and makes an arrangement for the service → the car is parked at a service station for a period of time → documents are issued and sent to the accounting department → then the car is accepted by the mechanic and the invoice is paid. Based on this business process, we create work order statuses in “Zavgar Online” system. Statuses allow you to control the implementation period for each stage and receive visually convenient information.

It is important to set initial and final statuses for the work orders. To create work order statuses, go to the “Settings” → “Work order statuses” → “Add status” 


Work order status add card.

Enter the name of the status → if necessary, enter a description → if the status is initial or final in the work order, be sure to indicate this → if you wish, indicate the color of the status


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Updated 28.12.2020

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