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Configuration of the “Spare parts” module.

Spare parts in an ineptly managed trucking company are a black hole on the expense side of the business. Zavgar Online system allows you to solve all problems with spare parts. The system allows you to trace the entire chain, from the time of purchase to installation on a specific vehicle. In addition, the system allows you to determine the actual “mileage” of the spare part (the main thing is to replace it on time, depending on the resource determined by the manufacturer), the complete replacement history of spare parts, the cost history.

For the correct and efficient management of spare parts, it is necessary at the beginning to mount a “frame”, this is done in the “Settings” module, subsection “

Spare part category setting

The division of spare parts into categories is a very important process, which in the future will allow you to receive reporting information for each node in a few clicks.

The following categories were added by default:

  • oils
  • other technical liquids;
  • consumables;
  • engine elements;
  • engine power supply system;
  • engine exhaust system;
  • refrigeration system;
  • body elements;
  • additional devices and equipment;
  • electric equipment;
  • brakes;
  • direction;
  • wheels and hubs;
  • suspension elements;
  • frame elements;
  • gearbox;
  • clutch elements;
  • other.

If you need to create a new one, go to “Settings” → “Categories” → “Add category”


A card opens to add the category. Enter the category name → “Save”.


Creation of a spare parts manufacturers guide.

Each spare part has its own manufacturer. Everyone understands perfectly that a copy always has a lower resource than the original, and the control of the installation of elements and nodes of only high quality is a very important task of the person in charge of the exploitation. By default, all added spare parts go to the “No Manufacturer” category.

To create a manufacturers guide in the system, go to “Settings” → “Manufacturers” → “Add manufacturer”.


A card opens to add the manufacturer. Enter the name of the manufacturer → “Save”.


Spare parts warehouses.

The Zavgar Online system allows you to keep inventory records. Also, the number of warehouses is unlimited. For example, a company has multiple branches. The parts nomenclature is the same, but for management to understand, please understand:
1 How many units and liters of products are in each of them;
2 How many products were charged for a specific repair or service order?

When creating a repair order, the person in charge chooses which warehouse and how many spare parts to cancel. If the stock balance approaches the minimum, the system notifies the buyer about the need to buy. At any time, the admin can see the entire chain in two clicks, from the time of purchase to the actual installation.

How to create a spare parts warehouse?

To do this, go to “Configuration” → “Warehouses” → “Add warehouse”
A card is opened to add a store. Enter the name of the warehouse → “Save”.

Creating data correction reasons

The number of spare parts in warehouses is constantly changing. The reasons may be different. For this, the system has created an adjustment “Reason for correction” for the warehouses. The main reasons in most organizations are:

  • purchase;
  • movement between warehouses;
  • error when ordering;
  • destroyed.

To create a correction reason, go to “Settings” → “Correction reasons” → “Add reason”


A card is opened to add the correction reason. Enter the name of the correction reason → “Save”.


Creation of units of measure of goods in warehouse.

Each spare part canceled for repair or stored in a warehouse has its own unit of measure. Before starting to work with the software, you need to create units of measure for spare parts.

Examples of units of measure:

  • pieces
  • liters
  • units
  • meters
  • linear meters
  • kilotonnes.

To create spare parts units of measure, go to “Settings” → “Units of Measure” → “Add Unit of Measure”


A card is opened to add a unit of measure. Enter the name of the unit of measure → “Save”.


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Updated 17.01.2021

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